Best Text to Send a Girl - Good Text Conversation Starters

Best Text to Send a Girl – Good Text Conversation Starters

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#2: Cute Conversation Starters

“Guess what I did today?”

On the other hand, you could always flip things around and structure it so you take the lead in the texting back and forth.  This also has the advantage of letting you take the lead with something interesting that happened in your own day, and thus not putting the whole onus of the conversation on them.  The catch?  You have to hope your partner asks “What?” and really cares, and you’d likewise better make sure that whatever you have to say is worth their time.

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Another thing to avoid here is the appearance of self-centeredness.  It’s great that you’ve had these experiences, whatever they may be, but for them to work as good text conversation starters; they have to work as, well, the introduction to a potential point of conversation.

Otherwise, it’s just you rambling on and on about how clever you feel you are or kvetching about someone else, and eventually, your partner’s going to get tired of it and—gasp!—stop texting back.