Best Text to Send a Girl - Good Text Conversation Starters

Best Text to Send a Girl – Good Text Conversation Starters

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#1: Best Conversation Topics

“How was your day?”

This is one of the easiest and yet somehow most overlooked good texting openings out there.  Why is that?  Why do we have such a hard time asking the obvious, “How was your day?”  It’s short, succinct, to the point and most important of all, it gives the impression that you actually care about how your partner’s day went and, by proxy, care about them.

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So why is this one so overlooked?  It may be a simple case of overlooking the obvious, or just not wanting to sound cliché. If that’s the case, trust us—not only is this the “good” kind of cliché, but because so many people avoid this one, it’s actually rarer as a good conversation starter over text than you might think.

One reason this good, heartfelt texting conversation starter might be underutilized is the fact that many men are taught that sharing emotions is a bad idea, or somehow “not masculine.”  Banish that thought immediately—your partner is going to WANT you to care…this is NOT the time to hide your feelings.