Best Text to Send a Girl - Good Text Conversation Starters

Best Text to Send a Girl – Good Text Conversation Starters

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How to start a text conversation with a girl? What is the best text to send a girl? Finding the right words to introduce yourself has always been a crucial part of the dating process, but in our tech and text-heavy world, the need for good text conversation starters as well as in person has come to prominence as well.

In some ways, online dating conversation starters can be exciting, and even liberating.  Are you a shy individual?  Did you go through high school wishing you could just write a lovely note or message to that guy or girl you were deadest on asking out instead of, you know, gulping hard and struggling to find the courage and words to ask them out loud?  Congratulations, your day has arrived!

Or has it?

One of the biggest problems with trying to find great conversation starters or best text to send a girl is the fact that it can be extremely difficult to convey tone with words alone.  Emoticons and emojis have been developed in order to help with that, but to really boost your chances of success.

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Text that girl you like! Take a look at these good text conversation starters for getting a texting session off to a good start