Getting Back Together After A Divorce

Getting Back Together After a Divorce – How to Win Your Ex-Husband

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#5: Begin a New Friendship

I was a nervous wreck when I decided to get in touch with my ex-husband. What if he rejects me? What if he laughs at me? I thought that I knew him well, but we were divorced and things usually change when so many events transpire in between a couple.

So, instead of calling him to get back to me, I simply called him and extended my hand of friendship. He was surprised (read shocked) but he agreed to keep in touch with me.

The most important thing to remember on getting back together after a divorce is to take it slow. Don’t make it obvious that you want him back in your life, but show that you care. If there are a few things he hated about you, make sure you know what they are, and put in the efforts required to change yourself into a better person.

My ex-husband had a complaint that I rarely listened. So, I made sure that I would give him the chance to express his point of view too. I learned to listen to him.

We slowly began dating again and maintained a solid friendship for a couple of years. After a while, we felt like we were back to those days where we would date each other constantly. I could also see that he still had feelings for me. This encouraged me to meet him whenever I had the chance.

This time around, I was more mature and was eager to mend our relationship. I also noticed that he had taken the time to improve himself in areas I didn’t approve and that really touched my heart.