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Gay Relationship Advice from the Greatest Gay Authors of All-Time

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Gay Relationship Advice: ‘Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.’

Was there ever anyone wittier than Oscar Wilde?  One of the greatest masters of the art of the one-liner, it only stands to reason that he would have a quip or two on the nature of love, and this is a good one to start.

Strictly speaking, this quote pertains to more than just love—it’s really general life lessons—but it is especially pertinent when it comes to relationships, and gay relationships at that.  Who hasn’t gotten their signals crossed, or had a case of unrequited passion or love?  For that matter, once in a relationship, who here has never done something to foul it up?
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The other quotes here are designed to help you avoid those foul-ups, but this one is more of a ‘recovery quote,’ if you will—something to remember if and when you find yourself on the bad end of a breakup.

You can think of it as a mistake, sure, and dwell on it, and make yourself miserable—and have a hard time attracting someone new (misery loves company, but not the kind of company that makes for a healthy relationship.)

Or, instead, you can skip all that, chalk a failed relationship down to a learning experience, build off that treasured experience, avoid similar missteps, and make a better future for you and whoever else you’re looking to attract.

Gay Relationship Advice: ‘The truth is rarely pure and never simple’

Anyone who’s ever been through a bad breakup can relate to this one.

Interestingly, Wilde likes to play with the concept of truth vs. lies in his plays…and like Shakespeare and so many other great writers before him, seems to think that a working relationship needs a little of both.

The truth has to be there for the trust, but a little flattering lie now and then on your boyfriend’s facial hair or that new pair of hipster-worthy glasses he’s sporting can’t hurt, either.

A relationship with only truth is like broccoli—good for you, but not exactly thrilling.

A relationship with only lies is like a Big Mac—good occasionally, but have it every day and you’ll soon be sick (and sick of it.)

So, enjoy a little bit of both, and you find that your relationship is quite the dish indeed!