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Gay Relationship Advice from the Greatest Gay Authors of All-Time

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Gay Relationship Advice: ‘Only connect’

The great E.M. Forster makes that one of his key points in his hallmark work Howards End.  In the digital age, this quote can serve double duty—the issue of ‘connecting’ takes on a whole new meaning in the age of social media.

Gay Relationship Advice  2 gay relationship advice Gay Relationship Advice from the Greatest Gay Authors of All-Time Gay Relationship Advice 2Social media is a great way to connect with others—but don’t let it come at the expense of ‘actual’ connecting with your partner, on a date or in a relationship.

Is there any worse cardinal sin on a date than constantly answering your phone, or texting with others during the appetizer?

Well, yes, there are, but even so, it’s a sin that ranks pretty high on most date-killer articles, and it’s not going to do wonders for your relationship, either.

Connecting one on one, face to face?  Perfect!

Connecting with a dozen or more others when you should be saving the energy and specialness of connecting for person sitting across the table from you?  Not so much.

Gay Relationship Advice: ‘Passion should believe itself irresistible.  It should forget civility and consideration and all the other curses of a refined nature’

If you are hesitant or hold back when it comes to your relationship, chances are you are going to run into trouble eventually.  Relationships thrive on give and take, and passion being, as Forster says, ‘irresistible’—being standoff-ish or tense is another relationship-killer, especially in LGBT relationships.  All relationships tend to involve a lot of tension, and this can sometimes be heightened or exacerbated in gay relationships due to the political climate.

Trust is absolutely necessary for passion, and irresistible passion in turn is necessary for a relationship to flourish, so work to win your mate’s trust.  Are things going too fast?  Too slow?  Make sure that you’re working to their pace, and not just making them suit yours.