Friendship Breakup

How to Move on After a Friendship Breakup

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Though it’s hard to come to terms with, every one of us has gone through a friendship breakup at some point in our lives. It may happen due to a big blow out fight, or it may occur as you grow apart.

If you’ve been friends for a while then you may have overlooked things that they did, or vice versa. Though nobody likes to take the blame for the mother of all fights that end things, it’s important to really analyze things in order to move forward.

It doesn’t feel good and it’s not like the ending of any other type of relationship.

What sets the friendship breakup apart is that it’s two people who were close and shared a common bond—and that has now been ripped apart due to some rather extreme circumstances.

This is a hard one to get over, and though you may take some of the blame you also have to recognize that it takes two for this to happen.

It’s made even harder when you find that you are still going to see this person, or if you have mutual friends in common. In many cases the friendship breakup may be harder to get over than a romantic breakup, because there are still some connections or ties that are alive and well.

To get to the point where you can move forward without this friend, you have to think through the circumstances and personalities involved.

Chances are that you know in your heart if you are better off without them, but doing some soul searching can really help you on a personal level…