Friends with Benefits Advice

Friends with Benefits Advice: Reap the benefits!

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Reap the benefits! None of the commitment. Here’s our friends with benefits advice and a rundown of some of the great things about having a friends with benefits!

It is tiring to continue searching for the ‘perfect’ guy, to wade through the countless online profiles of topless guys or selfies in the bathroom at work.  Yawn.  Ever think to yourself, ‘How will I ever find anyone in this sea of douchey-ness?’

You’re not alone. Sometimes it’s better just to have a friend that comes over once in a while to do the dirty and then offers a shoulder to cry on the next day.

Friends with benefits can really be the perfect relationship when you’re either too busy to have a ‘real’ boyfriend, but want to have the occasional movie and pizza night get-together.

Do not let anyone fool you though, it is a lot of work to maintain a committed relationship and it takes time.  These days, we are short on time and big on getting our needs met.

What could be more perfect than a relationship that is honest and doesn’t require remembering an anniversary or involve a wedding ring!  When you’re ready for that big commitment and settle down, there will be someone out there for you.Friends with Benefits Advice 5 friends with benefits advice Friends with Benefits Advice: Reap the benefits! Friends with Benefits Advice 4

Until then, test the waters, have a little fun and explore what’s out there.

It’s a big world – take some time for yourself and get to know what you really want before you give your all to one person.

So, it’s time to get out there and explore.  Make sure you turn off that ‘love button’ that can happen with a physical relationship and get greedy.

There are plenty of websites out there for casual hook-ups, just make sure you’re safe about it.

Once you set the ground rules and find someone that is in the same position you are, get ready for a lot of fun.

Here’s our friends with benefits advice and a rundown of some of the great things about having a friends with benefits