Broken Relationships

6 Ways Couples Can Fix Broken Relationships

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#6: Prove You’re Committed To Change

For all the talk of, well, ‘talking it out,’ as the saying goes, ‘actions speak louder than words,’ and proving you’re committed to change is absolutely vital to mending broken relationships.

To deal with the matter generally, balancing your own wants against those of your partner is at the crux of many relationship clashes.

There are many potential causes for this, ranging from one party not valuing or respecting the other party’s wishes to promising too much and then not making good on said promise.

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to take action—both in terms of mending broken relationships and in general—is to take things to the extreme.

Trying to show your partner that you’re a loving, caring person?  Showing that a little bit everyday by doing the little things—like, say, washing the dishes if they’re tired, or indeed, being an active and attentive listener if your partner is trying to tell you about their day, particularly if it’s been a strenuous one—is a better option than occasional, grandiose, over-the-top acts.

The former shows not just that you care, but that you can do so consistently, which is the sort of thing that tends to matter when trying to mend broken relationships.

The latter, by contrast, can come across as inconsistent at best and an attention-seeking stunt at the worst, more of an attempt on your part to selfishly gain the spotlight than truly help your partner or change your ways.

However, that rarity of action and overall difficulty is likewise part of the reason a relationship is so valuable.  If this person is worth loving for a lifetime, do so, not just some of the time or on special occasions, but every day, for that lifetime, ‘til death do you part.

Again, actions speak louder than words, which is why fixing broken relationships can be so difficult.  It’s hard to consistently perform the everyday actions necessary to maintain a healthy relationship