Broken Relationships

6 Ways Couples Can Fix Broken Relationships

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#4: Couples Counseling 

Earlier, we discussed the importance of getting out your feelings and talking it out with regards to broken relationships.

We also said that the tone of voice you and your partner take can be unpredictable and, in cases, mercurial or even outright hostile.  In a way, that’s not only completely normal, but healthy.  It doesn’t do either of you good to keep feelings like that bottled up, and doing that will never help to restore your relationship.

Still, when things get a little testy, it’s generally a good idea to have an intermediary party ‘refereeing’ the bout between the two of you so as to make sure that things stay helpful, don’t get out of hand, and indeed, stays productive and helpful.

Remember our aforementioned analogy to the cathartic effect of screaming into a pillow?  That can be a great stress reliever, but the crucial thing there, of course, is the fact that your pillow is an inanimate object.  Broken relationships are never solved by screaming matches, at least without not without an independent arbiter to keep things from getting out of hand.

This is where couples counseling comes in.  Counselors are trained to fulfill that oh-so-important role of relationship referee, allowing you and your partner to be honest and open while keeping you focused and in a tone and place where your discussion doesn’t devolve into a simple spiteful spat.

What’s more, they’ll help introduce you two to different trust and relationship exercises, and can provide objective perspective on what might otherwise be a he said/she said affair.

What’s more, couples counseling has come to be seen as ‘fashionable’ in recent years, in the same way that yoga and Pilates are.  As such, if you’re avoiding couples counseling for fear of embarrassment among your friends, you can cite its fashionableness and save face in that regard.

Honesty and openness are absolutely key here.  One of the ways broken relationships stay broken is by failing in these respects, and couples counselors, like yoga instructors, can help keep things loose and limber in your relationship before a breakup, and relieve stress and tension should things break down.