Broken Relationships

6 Ways Couples Can Fix Broken Relationships

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#2: Talk It Out

That said, one of the first steps to take when trying to mend broken relationships—after allowing the other party their space—is to talk it out.

There are many factors that make talking it out such a vital step.  For one thing, the process can be extremely cathartic.

It allows you to clear the air, voice your own concerns and hear those of your partner, and it can be extremely cleansing and cathartic, in the same way screaming into a pillow can sometimes be a healthy way to let out pent up feelings.

That said, you obviously don’t want to ‘scream’ at your partner, though again, what kind of tone you do take may vary.  If things are truly testy between the two of you, a hostile tone may be unavoidable.

If this is the case, you may be better off talking things out with a mediator, such as a couples counselor, a subject which we will revisit shortly.  In any case, talking it out is just as much about helping yourself to cope as it is with hearing the reasons for your relationship woes.

Talking it out may seem like a loose description for a course of action, and it is.  Again, every couple is different, and it will be up to you to interpret what setting, time and tone is appropriate for a discussion between the two of you.

One of the worst things you can do for broken relationships is to stay silent.  While little break from one another and respecting your partner’s privacy and autonomy is vital, prolonged silence and refusal to confront or talk with your partner go away.