Broken Relationships

6 Ways Couples Can Fix Broken Relationships

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One of the biggest difficulties in mending broken relationships actually stems from one of the most beautiful and romantic elements of a partnership—namely, its uniqueness.

Every couple is unique, and as such shares both its own special bonds and burdens, and it’s the business of confronting the latter that has a tendency to make mending things a tad bit tricky.

After all, broken relationships aren’t on par with broken DVDs or VCRs (remember those?) where nine times out of ten it’s merely a matter of putting the same old, factory-specific parts back in the same working order, or otherwise just ordering new ones to take the place of old, worn-out, or flat-out broken bits.

Instead, it’s better to think about relationships as a tapestry—slowly woven, thread by thread, forever reminding the weaver and onlooker alike of the past, and of course, absolutely unique.  Viewed in this way, mending woven broken relationships can seem far more complicated and, in a way, it is.

In the same way you can’t simply ‘replace’ a centuries-old tapestry with wool and yarn bought at the store; you can’t ‘fix’ broken relationships with simple gestures.

Consider, for example, the Bayeux Tapestry, the historic tapestry giving us one of the earliest and most quintessential accounts of the Battle of Hastings, which of course brought William the Conqueror, the Normans, and the French language to the shores of England, forever transforming the English nation and language.

If you were to accidentally set fire to the Bayeux Tapestry, you wouldn’t merely ‘fix it’ by purchasing a few new materials and re-weaving it, would you?  No.  Some things simply valuable in and of themselves, and relationships, when they’re at their best, are one of them.

Even so, there’s plenty of hope, so here are six ways couples can fix broken relationships