First Time Lesbian Experience 4

My First Time Lesbian Experience with my Best Girlfriend

In Lesbian Relationships by Interconnected Lives

Confessing my first time lesbian experience – It was a hot summer night and I sat with my friend Brandi at home, drinking to my heart’s content.

I’d had a bad breakup with my boyfriend, Richard, and I desperately needed someone to talk to. Brandi, my friend from the past six years had offered to come home and talk to me.

‘So what happened?’ she questioned.

‘Same old…I think he’s having an affair with someone else,’

‘You think or you’re sure?’ Her eyes narrowed, making me cringe, and I didn’t want to sound like a woman who just jumped to conclusions.

I think…well…I saw a text messages’, I sighed. Brandi sipped her drink, lost in thoughts as I wondered whether I could confess about the real problem. Richard failed to turn me on. I enjoyed intimacy, no doubt about that, but I loved it only when I touched myself…