First Date Story

First Date Story – When Love Comes Unexpectedly

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This is my best first date story, my love story The Starbucks cafe that I work in at 2630 Yonge Street, Toronto, is filled with autumn sunshine this Wednesday morning. Suddenly, I hear my name being called. ‘Heather! Hey, Heather!’

I glance up from where I am wiping a counter top. The bobbing golden head of my best friend Caroline has just stepped into the cafe. I hold up a finger to her and she nods, grinning and taking a seat at our usual tucked away corner table.

I turn to my supervisor. ‘Tammy, am I okay to take fifteen?’

Tammy nods from where she is busily frothing milk for a vanilla latte.

I slip out of my apron and reach a hand back to untie my bright auburn curls from their bun. Crossing the coffee bar, I sit down across from Caroline.

‘How long do you have?’ she asks eagerly.

‘Fifteen minutes.’

‘Well, hurry up and spill all the details of your first date! What the heck happened last night?’First Date Story 2 first date story First Date Story – When Love Comes Unexpectedly First Date Story 2

I can feel my cheeks flushing. ‘Caroline, you won’t believe what happened to me. I can hardly believe it myself. It was the most incredible first date story.’

‘Tell me!’ Caroline is nearly hopping up and down with glee.

‘Alright, alright!’ a bubble of laughter escapes my lips. I can’t help it. Ever since last night I’ve been on a cloud.

Every time I think of him, my stomach erupts with butterflies, my heart jumps into my throat and my cheeks go hot. ‘I’ll start at the beginning. Do you remember that guy that messaged me on the dating site?’

Caroline’s eyes light up. ‘Tall, dark and handsome from Uruguay?’

‘That’s him,’ my belly does a small flip flop. ‘Do you remember me telling you— ?’

‘That he sent you that super sweet message?’ Caroline raises her blonde eyebrows. ‘And when you saw his profile you were sure it was some kind of trick?

Because no man so gorgeous and talented and modest and perfect could ever actually exist? Not to mention he had a French accent that would just totally make you melt into a puddle on the floor ‘