First Date Rules

6 Must Follow First Date Rules

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First Date Rules #3: Drinks Are The Answer 

And while ‘dinner and a movie’ is potentially the absolute worst first date idea ever, grabbing drinks is the absolute best. Grabbing drinks on a first date is a great option for numerous reasons.
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First, getting drinks is easy and low pressure. You both throw on a casual outfit and converse for an hour or two. The greatest benefit getting drinks provides first daters is the ability to talk with one and other.

When you are grabbing drinks with someone there is nothing else to do but have a conversation. And third, by having a couple alcoholic beverages both parties will be able to open up a bit.

After a couple of drinks, your date and you will both be a little loose. This could lead to diving into conversational topics a bit deeper.

By talking about personal and occasionally, dirty topics you develop a stronger bond with your date. That connection is what potentially leads to seeing each other again.