First Date Rules

6 Must Follow First Date Rules

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First Date Rules #2: No Dinner, No Movie

The absolute worst date idea in the history of date ideas, ‘dinner and a movie’ is the epitome of lame. You want to show your date you have no imagination and are stuck dating like you’re in the 1980’s? Perfect, then a ‘dinner and a movie’ date is exactly what you’re looking for.

Dinner is a bad first date idea because no one feels sexy when they are bloated. Seriously, think back to how you feel after a big meal. Personally, I feel fat and tired. I have no desire to engage in fun and witty banter. I just want to go to sleep.

Then, after that filling meal you head to a movie. Do people talk at the movies? No! Well, unless you want to get popcorn thrown at the back of your head. People do not get to know each other at movies because conversation is minimal.

If you actually want to see your date again, avoid this horrid first date option.