First Date Rules

6 Must Follow First Date Rules

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Long gone are the days of traditional courtship. Modern dating is completely different than the way your parent and grandparents dated. Still, some first date rules have remained the same…

Dating is still supposed to be fun! This is especially true for young twenty-something’s beginning their post-college life. Yet, many seemingly worthy young singles are struggling to find their way in the dating market.

These people are successful in many areas of their life, but for some reason they keep coming up short when it comes to dating.

Sounds Familiar? I thought it might. And while there could be a number of different causes to this phenomenon, there are some easy solutions.

One way to change your dating luck is by starting from the beginning. By beginning, I mean changing the way you go on first dates.

The next time you are out on a first date, try these first date rules and see if your luck changes