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First Date Advice: Busy Professionals Edition

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‘Do I dare disturb the universe?’ That’s the question T.S. Eliot poses in his famous ‘Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ – and for all the irony implicit in that poem, really, what more perfect way to phrase a first date advice

It takes a lot of do and daring to be sure, and as a person of business, you’re used to being bold, taking chances and daring to disturb the universe.

Mastering the art of the first date can be tricky—so here are some tips to help. Besides dating a co-worker (something that you should probably avoid), you could try online dating. There are many different online dating sites to help you find casual, no strings-attached relationships, or perhaps something more meaningful in blossoming dating life.

Love is not a contest—the only way to ‘get ahead’ in love is to share the experience equally with another person.

Here is our first date advice list for busy professionals