Fear of Intimacy

How I Overcame My Fear of Intimacy in Men

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#5: Stop Avoiding People

The most important factor in the entire healing process is to stop avoiding people. I understand that it’s hard because I have been there. It’s not easy to suddenly turn a new leaf in a small amount of time, but we all have to try.

I was guilty of avoiding people who wanted to be my friends. They tried to get close to me but I was shy and pushed them away because I didn’t want to get hurt again.

No matter how many times my friends called me I always had an excuse ready. While I would tell them that I was busy sometimes, I would simply stop picking their calls later. Eventually, all my friends left me because I just wouldn’t let them get close to me.

Now, I realize that I pushed people who could really care for me. If you’re guilty of avoiding people, you should stop doing that right away. The people you shun could be the ones who can really love and take care of you. It’s hard to be lonely forever and no matter how you feel right now, you might regret your decisions later, so stop avoiding people and let them get close to you. Believe in yourself and take what life offers!