Fear of Intimacy

How I Overcame My Fear of Intimacy in Men

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#2: Accept Your Fears

Once I had identified why I had the fear of intimacy, it was easier to lead a normal life. I started by writing down my fears. It sure sounds weird, but that’s how I learnt that it is the most effective way to solve your problems.

I began writing about why I feared getting close to people. I also wrote that I hated being lonely and alone. I just wasn’t comfortable with myself and that’s where the problem began in the first place. They say that you have to love yourself in order to love someone completely and that’s where I lacked.

After a few years of writing down my fears, I noticed that I had to first become comfortable with myself before trying anything. I decided to stop blaming anyone for what had happened to me. Whatever happened was in the past and it was time for me to move on.

Writing down your fears will certainly help you because you’re actually viewing yourself through the mirror. No matter what you feel, just write it down and this will also allow you to reflect on your thoughts later. This way, you’ll be able to accept your fears, thereby giving you the ammunition to face anything and move ahead in life.