Erotica Story

A Delicious Toxic Pleasure: My Exquisite and Sensual Erotica Story

In Intimacy by Interconnected Lives

I would like to share with you my incredible and delicious online dating experience which turned into an erotica story.  I was used to strolling along the shore every weekend, but this time I was not going to be alone. I was waiting for Mark, he would meet me here. It was the first time I was meeting him in person, although we have had various video calls online.

I watched the sun set, coloring the sky with millions of different colors. It was an enthralling view even though I had seen it hundreds of times. Living near the beach definitely had its perks and visiting it every weekend was one of them.

I had a strict rule to not develop friendships with men online, plus he lives hours away, but the moment I had seen Mark for the first time, my heart had lurched. It was crazy and I could not explain why, but we become good friends after chatting about everything and anything.

Going against my rules, I had agreed when he asked if we could meet. However, I must admit that I wanted to meet him someplace romantic and there I was at the beach…waiting for him.

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A tap on my shoulder made me turn as I saw him grinning widely, happy to see me. His perfect smile and green eyes were enough to make any woman go weak in the knees. Oh, and that dimple…it made me think of naughty stuff. He leaned forward to give me a light peck on my cheek, but that simple touch gave me gooseflesh