Emotionally Abusive Relationship Signs

How To Recognize Emotionally Abusive Relationship Signs

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Every relationship is a compromise, no doubt.  However, when you feel like the compromise is one-sided or compromising your well-being, it is time to consider looking at the emotionally abusive relationship signs.

There is no denying that you change once you’re in a committed relationship.  But, to what end does that change come?

Is it at the sacrifice of your being and the morals that you hold?

It should be a change that is beneficial to the relationship, not a change to the way you act, feel or think.

You’ll never be able to love someone enough or change enough to make someone happy.

Giving in to every demand for change from your significant other will only lead to resentment, shame and frustration.

Allowing this behavior and believing that if you love them enough, they’ll see that you’re good enough to be with is only asking for heartbreak and disappointment.

It’s a terrible cycle of mental abuse that many women fall prey to.

So, how do you recognize emotionally abusive relationship signs?