Emotional Affair

8 Signs He’s Having an Emotional Affair

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#4: Increased Blame-Games

When you enter into a relationship with an individual, it is almost certain that you’ll argue and fight with each other.

There’s nothing wrong with having a few disagreements because no relationship is perfect.

However, things start going south if one partner starts fighting unnecessarily over trivial matters.

If your partner has usually displayed such signs over the course of your relationship, then it’s different, but if you see a sudden drastic change in him, you have something to worry about.

Of course, there are other matters that could affect his behavior. For instance, stress plays a major role in wreaking havoc in relationships.

Perhaps, your partner is just stressed because he’s had a bad time in his office, but if it isn’t stress, he could be fighting and blaming you for things simply because he wants to break up with you.

Many people have the habit of blaming others for their mistakes since it reduces the guilt and if you’re encountering such situations frequently it’s time you step back and analyze your relationship because he’s probably having an emotional affair with someone else.