Emotional Affair

8 Signs He’s Having an Emotional Affair

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#2: He Becomes Very Distant

If you’ve spent considerable time with your partner in a relationship, you probably know how he handles and reacts to situations.

Since you know him well, you will be able to gauge his reactions carefully.

Sure, we all behave a little weird when we’re having bad days, but if the bad days become more frequent, you need to sit up and notice it before it snowballs into a bigger problem.

If you’ve constantly spent quality time with each other in the past and you realize that he’s avoiding you now, it’s a sign that he is becoming distant.

Men involved in emotional affairs tend to become distant suddenly and a woman should definitely be able to notice it.

In addition, since he won’t be able to be emotionally involved with two people at the same time, he’ll have to choose between the two of you.

If he is spending more time with her, then he is trying to avoid you and that’s a major red flag that he’s having an emotional affair with another woman.