Emotional Affair Signs

11 Emotional Affair Signs You’re Ignoring

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#4: Blind Trust

We all have friends we share information with and we do this on a regular or irregular basis, depending on the kind of people we are.

However, if you notice that your partner is extremely attached to his/her friend even when the situation doesn’t call for it, you have something to worry about. Remember that your partner might not even be doing it intentionally. It’s just that they can’t help it.

In addition, an individual involved in an emotional affair might not hesitate to share even the most personal details with the other person. This doesn’t simply mean that they trust the other person, but it could also mean that they are developing a dependency that could be hard to shake off.

What more, their judgment could also be blurred due to this dependency. This is not only dangerous for your relationship, but it could also spring a lot of surprise for you in the future.