Emotional Affair Signs

11 Emotional Affair Signs You’re Ignoring

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#10: Sudden Secrecy

One could get involved in an emotional affair with just about anyone, but it usually happens with friends. As the friendship develops, it could turn into something that goes beyond friendship.

While the wife or husband of a person involved in such an affair might be aware of such a close friendship, it could go unnoticed sometimes.

For example, let’s assume that you’re aware of your wife’s friendship with her colleague. When the friendship was innocent, she probably shared everything with you, but as time goes on, she starts hiding things from you. What’s disturbing is that your partner could even start lying in such scenarios and you might be left wondering why she’s lying about such things that are trivial.

Unfortunately, a person lies only when there’s something to hide and this could be a sign that her relationship might have gone deeper than intended. This doesn’t mean that it’s a sexual affair, but it’s in fact an emotional affair that could be more dangerous than a one-time sexual fling. Therefore, if you realize that your partner is cheating you, the best you can do is confront her but remember to do it calmly.