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Dr. Ben Carson: Settle for Nothing Less Than Doing Your Best

In Self Esteem by Interconnected Lives

This proved to be a smart move on her part and she asked both the boys to read at least two books every week. She also asked them to submit book reports once they read their books and the boys adhered to her rules.

In the beginning, Ben Carson hated all the work since he wanted to go out and play. But as he realized that his mother was relentless, he also understood that his poverty gave him few chances to head out and enjoy anywhere.

They all followed a protocol where the boys would leave their reports on the table and she would correct them by the morning. Subsequently, the boys found their reports checked and corrected by their mother every morning, indicating her approval.

Slowly, the boys grew up and became adults, but imagine their surprise when they realized that their mother couldn’t even read!

We need to learn an important lesson from this. This family had no monetary assistance but the mother struggled to make sure that the sons concentrated on their education.

When their schoolwork suffered, they stuck to a rule. In life, we face a lot of hurdles, but with determination, everything is possible. It is tough to attain, sure, but it isn’t impossible.

Needless to say, her determination provided a path for her sons. So if we learn to face our problems and never give up, we will surely attain success.

Ben Carson realized that his only hope to gain success was to read as much as he could. He was thirsty for knowledge and devoured many books even when he was just a fifth grader.

His books became his friends and served as means of escape from the real world. He found that he enjoyed reading books that offered knowledge about nature and animals.

This made him gain more self confidence. He became so engrossed in his books that he could also identify small rocks he usually found on the railway tracks. His younger brother, Curtis, teased him about the rocks, but that didn’t change Ben’s mind.

Ben Carson had to wear thick glasses since an eye test revealed that his eye sight was poor. With his quest and love for knowledge, and a pair of new thick glasses, Ben’s life took a new turn.

His grades considerably improved and thus, others stopped bullying him. In fact, several children in his school began to ask his help for their schoolwork.

This made Dr. Ben Carson feel that he could achieve absolutely anything if he set his heart and mind to it.