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Dr. Ben Carson: Settle for Nothing Less Than Doing Your Best

In Self Esteem by Interconnected Lives

Even when Ben Carson was only eight years old, he knew that he only wanted to become a doctor. Usually, children dream of becoming successful in their life and with time their dreams and goals change but Ben knew what he wanted to be.

Whenever the family needed any sort of medical assistance, they would wait for hours to see any of the interns in the hospital.

Ben Carson would listen to the doctors and nurses working in the hospital and dreamed of becoming a doctor. He saw how they rose to the challenge whenever they encountered tough situations. Often he would hear names of the doctors being called out in the PA system and fantasized that his name would be called out one day too.

When his father, Robert Solomon Carson abandoned them, his mother changed homes from Detroit to Boston where they lived with her brother and wife.

Sonya struggled with all her adversities and tried to save money in the hopes of returning back to her home. At last, she saved enough to return back to Detroit, but they settled down in some of the housing projects downtown. However, they were happy with the fact that they made it back home.

At this point, Sonya knew that the world could offer more to her sons than the ghetto ever offered. She had no means of assistance, not even from the government, but she was determined to help her sons succeed. For young Ben Carson, life was tough as he found it hard to cope with everything.

He felt hopelessly lost and his schoolwork suffered. The other children who studied in his school teased him relentlessly, calling him a ‘dummy’.

As schoolwork was very competitive, Ben Carson found it difficult, especially when the odds were completely stacked against him.

He retaliated against the other kids in his own way and became violent whenever they teased him. Slight provocations made him strike the other boys and he had developed a bad temper.

His poverty and situations had forced him to become violent. In fact, his temper had reached a point where he once hit his mother with a hammer just because she disagreed with the clothes he wore!

In another incident, he had inflicted a head injury on his classmate because they argued over a locker. The last straw was when he almost stabbed another friend to death as they argued over radio stations. Fortunately, the knife’s blade broke on his friend’s belt, preventing any injury.

But, Ben Carson didn’t know the extent of the injury, so he ran back home and locked himself in his bathroom. He began praying fervently, asking the Lord to help him reduce his temper.

Ben Carson began to realize that his fury rose whenever he put himself in the center of things. Once he thought about it and took himself from the center of whatever was happening around him, his temper reduced. He also began to understand that his future depended on his actions.

In addition, he also didn’t fare well with his schoolwork and as a result, he was at the bottom of the class with his grades. Ben Carson slowly resigned to the thought that he was stupid.

This alarmed Sonya as she realized that both her boys, along with their grades, were suffering. Therefore, to reduce some damage, she replaced her television with library cards.

She also limited their play time and was subjected to ridicule from her friends as they stated that her boys would hate her when they grew up. But, this didn’t deter Sonya as she wanted her boys to have more opportunities when they grew up.