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Dr. Ben Carson: Settle for Nothing Less Than Doing Your Best

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We have all heard the saying, ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman’, right?  For Dr. Ben Carson, it was his mother.

At a very young age, Ben struggled with various issues in life, but his mother Sonya Carson was with him to support him through every hurdle. Ben Carson’s father walked out of his family when Ben was only eight years old. Can you imagine the trauma an eight year old faces when his father leaves him?

Sonya Carson, with just a third-grade education, struggled to meet ends and provided for both Ben and his brother. She had married Robert Carson, a Baptist minister when she was only thirteen years old. Her belief that her life could change made her marry Robert and for a while, he was a caring, loving husband.

He took good care of her and showered her with various gifts and promises. However, he changed overtime as his behavior began to seem a little erratic on occasion. This made Sonya realize that she and her sons would be better off with a divorce.

Sonya had to raise both her sons on her own but she was filled with endless determination. More than anything, she never wanted her sons to give up, no matter how tough the circumstances were. She struggled by taking up three jobs at a time to help them survive.

She also took up jobs as a domestic maid and since her job timings and schedule varied a lot, she was unable to even see her boys for days at times. Sonya would start off by 5 am and go home by about 11 pm, making it difficult for her to rest.

Sonya led a frugal lifestyle with whatever finances she could acquire. Often, she would patch and clean clothes from Goodwill, so that she could provide clothes to her boys.

Sonya, Ben and Curtis would also visit local farmers and pick vegetables so that they could survive on just a portion of what they picked. Sonya would use the vegetables and can them to use it later for the kids.

Her faith, hard work and the way she managed her family served as a huge inspiration to the boys. They were greatly influenced by her actions and never forgot her sacrifices. Through various periods of financial struggle, heartbreak, fear and emotional struggles, she taught them an important lesson – education could change lives.

Ben Carson faced all his challenges head on and devoted himself to change all the hardship in his life. His quest to learn was the only thing that kept him going.

Determined to learn and achieve success in life, he overcame any woes that lay on his path with a single goal. His dream was to become a neurosurgeon and Ben Carson made it a point to never forget what his hardworking mother taught him.