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Doubts About Marriage: Have You Made a Mistake?

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

Do you ever have doubts about marriage and wonder if you’ve done the right thing? Though you’re happy sometimes, do your doubts ever get the best of you? Even when you feel as if things are going well, do you find it hard to ignore the nagging voice in your head?

If you find that sometimes the inner voice of doubt overtakes everything, then you’re not alone. Even the happiest couple goes through some tough times, and doubts are a very common part of the equation.

What you have to evaluate is just how extensive your doubts are, and if they are founded on anything substantial. Having arguments or feeling frustrated or doubtful about things when you hit a rough patch is completely normal.

Having doubts about the person that you are with or what their intentions are is a completely different situation. So consider what the doubts about marriage stem from so that you may consider your best course of action.

Consider the relationship as a whole and what goes well between the two of you. It may just be that you are doubting something in that moment after an argument. If you are feeling negative about things or worried that you’ll never achieve true happiness, then you may have to really be honest with yourself.

The truth will help you to move forward appropriately, and it all starts with some much needed soul searching—it’s not always easy but it’s well worth it in the end!

Here are some things to help you to consider just how deep your doubts about marriage really are, and if they surround an issue that is too big to ignore