Oppositional Defiant Disorder

My Son Was Diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder…

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#5: Pointless Power Struggles Are a Big No!

One of the best capabilities of children battling with oppositional defiant disorder is that they can easily lure any adult into a game of power struggles, but it’s extremely crucial to take all the necessary steps in order to avoid such instances, since they’re neither helpful nor productive in any way.

In fact, kids with oppositional defiant disorder generally love to see obnoxious reactions from adults.

It essentially makes them satisfied due to the flavor of rebelliousness, which they love.

For example, although I posted all the timetables and rules on different prominent spots at home, my son was reluctant to follow them.

Whether it was about cleaning his room or about completing chores, he used to find numerous ways to start arguments and get away from them.Oppositional Defiant Disorder 4 oppositional defiant disorder My Son Was Diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder... Oppositional Defiant Disorder 4

However, even after all the havoc, I followed my doctor’s suggestions and resisted arguing back.

Definitely, it was not the easiest thing to do, but I noticed that the outcome of this strategy was remarkable.

As a matter of fact, kids with oppositional defiant disorder try to engage in long arguments.

They find it the most effective way to divert the attention of adults from the main topic. It consequently buys them extra time to delay the chores they are supposed to complete right away.

Therefore, rather than participating in pointless arguments, I decided to give him easy and clear instructions he could follow. I also highlighted the consequences if he failed to follow the rules.

Again, remember that it’s highly essential to never force a kid to complete any chore. You might be able to persuade him once or twice, but the use of force merely leads to more complications in the long term. Yelling, nagging and arguing simply can’t produce positive results.