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Dharma Teachings: How I Regained my Self-Confidence

In Self Esteem by Interconnected Lives

Have you ever heard of the Dharma teachings? Sometimes we encounter events that execrably turn our lives upside down. That’s what happened to me around four years ago.

It was a lovely day drenched with sunlight and my brother and I were awaiting our parents’ return from Canada.

However, as I mentioned, not everything goes as we plan sometimes. While I was getting dressed, I received a phone call from my uncle who sounded awfully worried, asking me to check the news channels immediately.

Once I turned on the TV, every news channel was talking about a plane crash and after that, everything seemed to occur in slow motion for me.

I don’t have words to describe the gut wrenching pain that assaulted me and that single phone call had destroyed my life and jolted me back to reality. The sudden death of my parents made me a person who always had fearful thoughts in mind.

After observing my pitiful condition, one of my friends somehow persuaded me to attend the dharma teachings classes.

I had never heard about dharma teachings and it was an alien concept for me, but contrary to my initial perception about it, the dharma teachings completely changed my life and helped me regain my self-confidence. In fact, I am a much better person now in so many ways than I was before.

Now I’m about to share those parts of my life which are positively influenced by dharma teachings