Dharma Meditation

How to Seek Your True Self with Dharma Meditation

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#7: Exercise  

There are a number of exercises I learnt during my time with the guru. I have written out some easy ones for people who want to do it themselves first before seeking professional help.

Before beginning, read the following points (and follow them!):

  • You need to look for a suitable place where you can sit uninterrupted for at least eight to ten minutes. There must be no obtrusive noises that may take your focus away from the exercise (like music, talking and phones). However, background noises are encouraged (like traffic, chirping birds and ticking clocks). Personally, I preferred sitting out in the open, under the sun to meditate as the fresh air helped me. However, if you choose to sit inside, sit down on the hard floor so that you do not get sleepy).
  • Loose clothes should be worn so that your mind and body is comfortable without experiencing any discomfort. I personally used to wear my pajamas during my dharma meditation sessions to stay comfortable.
  • Make a resolution before each session and decide what you are going to accomplish during the session. Pray about what you want the session to do for you and keep repeating the phrase inside your head like a mantra. This will be instrumental in sending out positive waves.

Here are some great dharma meditation exercises:

  • Sit down in one of the prescribed dharma positions and place your hands in your laps. The right hand must be on top of the left. Next, draw your attention to your abdomen. You are not supposed to actually look at it but imagine it in your mind. Start breathing in and out and think about how your abdomen is slowly rising and falling in continuity. The realization that struck me the loudest when I was doing this exercise was how fickle life is; I thought of how, if I stopped breathing, my abdomen would cease to rise and fall.
  • Assume one of the prescribed sitting positions and close your eyes. Now, try the rising and falling exercise described above for a few minutes until you are in the right state of mind. Once done with that, start hearing all the different sounds around you and try to separate them all in your head. Notice the rhythm with which they repeat and make a mental note of each new sound too.

Final words

The dharma teachings and the dharma meditation might sound arduous, but it really isn’t all that tough to practice. This will help you keep your mind free from all negative energies and lead a positive, vibrant life.

Dharma meditation has really helped me a lot in life. I have been taking the course regularly now and my visits to my guru extend to thrice or four times a week. He has really helped me realize who I want to be in life. With his help, I was able to secure a job I have always wanted and am on the path to complete self-awakening.

Have you ever practiced the dharma meditation? Please share these tips with anyone who’s interested to help them reduce fear, pain and aggression too.