Dharma Meditation

How to Seek Your True Self with Dharma Meditation

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#5: Ethical Conduct  

The second division in the Eightfold Path in dharma meditation is Ethical Conduct. Ethical Conduct is basically required to make sure that one’s mind does not go astray.

It asks us to refrain from the unwholesome needs of one’s body and speech to thwart the capabilities of physical deeds and speech from becoming utensils of desecrations.

It is used to purify the mind from all needs that lead to nothing productive in life. The next three elements; right speech, right action and right livelihood come under this division.

I first believed that this division meant that I had to refrain from sex, using abusive language, thoughts of physical closeness and the like. However, my guru taught me that it was more than just that.

We not only have to refrain from anything the world believes in physically indecent, but we also have to stay away from everything that could harm another living creature.

For example, if an individual is a businessman, he cannot conduct business in weapons and instruments used for killing, business in human beings (prostitution and slave trading, for example), in meat, in intoxicants and poison while he/she indulged in dharma meditation.