Dharma Meditation

How to Seek Your True Self with Dharma Meditation

In Self Esteem by Interconnected Lives

#2: The Four Noble Truths of Dharma Meditation

The basic objective of the four noble truths is to get out of what Buddha believed was a mundane life, which is repetitive due to the continuous cycle of rebirth.

We need to get out of this cycle to realize our true self and give importance to the things that really matter in life.
The four truths of dharma meditation are:

  • Dukka – all passing things and conditions are unsatisfactory.
  • The second dukka – we still crave for all these things and conditions so we are unceasingly reborn.
  • The end – if we can control this craving and end it, we will not be reborn.
  • How to end dukka – follow the eight noble paths.

My guru told me that the ultimate goal of following the path of dharma is to become an actual spirit by breaking the monotonous continuity of this life. The fact is that we continue to want things and therefore, continue to perform acts that are unnecessary for a peaceful self-awakening.

My guru told me that understanding and believing in the aforementioned four truths was the first step of my journey towards self-discovery and freedom from hatred, greed, depression and disillusionment. This was the first task I was assigned – to study Buddhist scripture and understand the four truths so that I could start believing in them.

Once I was done with that, my guru introduced me to the Noble Eightfold Path in dharma meditation.