Dealing with Difficult People

6 Tips on Dealing with Difficult People at Home and In the Workplace

In Interpersonal Skills by Interconnected Lives

Who hasn’t had the all-too-trying experience of dealing with difficult people?

An optimist would say that, hey, at least it’s something we can all identify with.  We’ve all been there, trapped with people we dislike or just don’t understand, for one reason or another, or otherwise just can’t stand.

Perhaps, as the optimist might say, this shared experience is something which brings us all together.  So, in a way, this struggle to deal with difficult people is really a blessing in disguise!

(Spoiler alert to such optimists everywhere: when the rest of we wearied oh-God-no-not-Monday-again workers talk about having to deal with difficult people…you’re part of that list.)

But, yes, on the subject of difficult people at home and at work, we have got a little list and below are six offenders who try our patience and get under our skin. (Honorable mention?  People who obnoxiously reference Gilbert and Sullivan…wait…)

Here is your survival guide on dealing with difficult people