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6 Reasons Why You Won’t Find Love on Dating Sites

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#4: Home to Predators

While many men join dating websites just to mess around with women, there are some who are up for undertaking offenses against them.

There are countless cases about people getting blackmailed by offenders and then asked to send them money. What happens is that real guys with real faces start making friends with girls who are not very mature in age.

They take them to a level of frankness where they start sharing even the personal information with them, i.e. passwords and usernames of their online payment accounts. Before they know it, they find their accounts wiped cleaned of money and the guy they trusted flees with their money.

In some other cases, guys ask girls to send their naked pictures to them or to talk to them online just to show that they really trust them and love them. As soon as they give them that data, they hand over leverage to these felons who then start blackmailing them.

Many people including both men and women have been blackmailed and transactions worth thousands of dollars have been made just so that those images and videos remain offline.

Though there have been fewer cases like these, it has been observed that predators and sex offenders find out the whereabouts of women that make their accounts on dating sites.

They are able to find their residential or workplace address and there they reach out to them with evil intentions of rape. There are a lot more chances of women running into hacks and felons than there are for running into a perfect match.

This is not to say that the offenders are only men. There are several cases where women can take advantage of men too. In several instances, the women usually trap the man after sending a few pictures.

After a few chats, they come up with sob stories to gain sympathy from the man. This often leads to the woman asking some money from men who are completely clueless that they are being cheated.

This actually sounds ridiculous, but there are many men who have fallen for such traps that are laid by cunning women.