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5 Dating Signs He Is Not a Keeper

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#3: He Takes You To His House And Shows You His Star Wars Collection

Uh, yeah.

Star Wars is cool and all, the movies are fun to watch, but at this age, toys belong in collectors’ boxes, to be admired in a room that no woman ever enters.

No matter how endearing he seems, if he’s still playing with toys, chances are he’s not really mature enough to have a relationship.

Be gentle with his inner child and explain things slowly and softly.  Then get the hell out of there!

#4: He Asks You To Bring Sex Toys On A  Date At His Place

Um…..yeah, this dating sign is just over the top!  If he’s assuming that he’s even getting past first base and onto more fun stuff, why does he need toys?

This doesn’t bode well for any kind of relationship, and since he’s assumed that you’d be willing, you can make your own assumptions as to why he needs you to bring toys. 😉

Unless you’re kinky like that and want to take a chance, don’t bother meeting up.  Just simply say ‘no thank you,’ and walk away.