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Dating Quiz: What’s Your Dating Personality?

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Don’t lie—you’ve been tempted to take a dating quiz before, right? Don’t lie, don’t deny it—really, accept it, it’s OK! We’ve ALL been there.

Sure, dating quizzes can seem silly, but that’s part of the fun! Where else are you going to be able to see what famous guy you should totally get together with, or what your dating super power is?

What’s more, a dating quiz can be a safe space for questions such as, ‘What’s my dating superhero,’ ‘Why don’t I have a boyfriend,’ and most importantly of all, ‘What famous guy would be totally perfect for me?’

In short, the silliness of such quizzes give us a way to fantasize and let loose a little, but in so doing they might just grant us a kernel of truth as well.

After all, fantasy and free play are vital tools in many different approaches to philosophy and psychology.

Distinguishing between what we think to be true about ourselves, what we wish to be true and what the reality of our situation can yield the first clues in helping to bring about that change.

So, with pomp and circumstance that out of the way, enjoy these dating quizzes.

“I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Let’s take these 7 dating quizzes to find out your dating personality

  • Quiz #1: What’s your dating superpower?
  • Quiz #2: Why don’t you have a boyfriend?
  • Quiz #3: Are you turning guys off?
  • Quiz #4: Where will you find love?
  • Quiz #5: What do guys like about you?
  • Quiz #6: Which famous guy is perfect for you?
  • Quiz #7: Which hunger games guy should you date?

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