Dating Mistakes

4 Common Dating Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

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Looking for love in all the wrong places? We have a few common dating mistakes when looking for a match, and tips on how you can avoid them.

Of all the descriptions of love out there, one in particular has proven particularly hot over the years—fire. And with good reason. Love, like fire,  both produces and is a product of chemistry in action.  It can keep you warm at night, and it can likewise leave you feeling burned.

Johnny Cash said it perfectly—‘Love is a burning thing/And it makes a fiery ring.’ (and for an added, obligatory musical reference, a certain someone might also have had a song about ‘Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places’ as well.)

The thing about fires, is that they can be nice and warm once you get them started, but that’s the trick—getting them started.  If you are not experienced in doing so, it can be trickier than you might think.

Likewise, if you are not used to the ins and outs of dating and matchmaking, it can be remarkably difficult to find ‘that spark’ and kindle a romance.

When you are new to the game of love, you are bound to make a few rookie mistakes and one of the biggest challenges men and women alike face is getting that spark going in the first place.

Here are 4 dating mistakes you must avoid