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Dating Humor: Let’s Play the Dating Game! (Someone Please Shoot Me)

In Relationship Humor by Interconnected Lives

Just tell me about dating humor! When I was 16, things were very simple. I would go the movies with my date and come back home happy because I actually spent time, talking and laughing with my date.

Fast forward ten years and everything has changed. Sure, to keep up with the trend, I became a member of several online dating sites.

I meet hot guys, but it’s so complicated now. I even choose men whose profiles match my ‘type’, but clearly it isn’t working out. The guy I’m dating doesn’t even ask me out like a gentleman. A quick message, “Sup? We on tonight?” at the very last minute, is supposed to be cool now.

I mean, I don’t understand if technology is helping me or just damaging my chances to hook up with a real man. My boyfriend, the one I met on Facebook, doesn’t even send a 🙂 or <3 while asking me for a date and this pisses me off. But who cares, right? I’ll surely meet someone else. Excuse me while I change my relationship status to ‘complicated’ now.

All characters appearing in these Dating Humor articles are fictitious. Any resemblance to your life, I mean, to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

Are you ready to laugh your worries away with some dating humor?