Dating Bad Boys

How I Stopped Dating Bad Boys

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Oh, dating bad boys. They’re just so sexy, right? Yeah – until they cheat on you and leave you high and dry at a bar, with mascara soaked tears pouring down your face. It sounds dramatic, I know, but we are all familiar with someone who has been in that exact position before.

It’s like there is always that one girl in the group who likes good guys, and then all the rest of us flock to the terrible guys who we know are going to break our hearts. It’s a curse… But they’re just so sexy. Oh, my. How many times have you said it?

There comes a point in time where you just have to find a medium.

The real bad boys aren’t doing anything for you, you know, the criminals, drinkers, cheaters, players, mischievous or edgy kind of men.

They look great, and they make you feel great but then, they make you feel a thousand times worse in the end.

Now, there’s no way I would ever tell a bad-boy-loving woman to change her entire game plan and go after some church-goer who likes to read by the fireplace listening to jazz on a Saturday night. That’s just unrealistic! However, moderation is key.

Isn’t it it always? Instead, you need to find a man who is edgy but who walks the fine line of being a bad boy, instead of completely running past it.

No, this doesn’t mean a criminal who only steals petty things, or a player who “only cheated on his last 5 girlfriends because….”. Instead, you need to go after the good guys and throughout the dating process, unveil their touch of inner bad boy. Moderation, remember?