Dating as a Single Mom

Dating as a Single Mom: An Erotic Night to Remember

In Intimacy by Interconnected Lives

At 28, I felt too old to hit clubs plus dating as a single mom I had extra responsibilities, but Jake had rubbished all my protests, insisting that I deserved to let my hair dDating as a Single Mom dating as a single mom Dating as a Single Mom: An Erotic Night to Remember Dating as a Single Mom 2own and enjoy once in a while.

I hated the jittery feeling I felt whenever I thought about Jake and strangely I was waiting to meet him but on the other hand, I was extremely nervous.

I chewed my lip as I wondered if I could cancel my date at the last minute. I could probably tell him that I was sick but I was sure that he wouldn’t believe me.

I was dressed provocatively, wearing a tight little black dress, thanks to Rhonda who jumped in glee to help me get dressed up for my big date.

Though I was expecting Jake to walk in any moment, the door bell startled me and I jumped involuntarily. It wasn’t the first time he was coming over, but somehow it felt special as we were heading out to a club that was supposedly the best in town.

Jake stood waiting by the door, tapping his feet impatiently.

I felt a familiar feeling – a feeling that made my knees turn into jelly, as soon as I saw him. At 6 foot, he towered over me, making me feel petite and delicate.