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Dating Advice for Women from a Reformed Bad Boy

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Needless to say, I like women who have their own dreams. I like women who want to be successful and thrive on their own passions before sacrificing everything just to be the trophy wife or hockey mom.

Dating advice for women 2 dating advice for women Dating Advice for Women from a Reformed Bad Boy dating advice for women 4I don’t need some bimbo who wants to giggle her way straight to the aisle. Sure, one day that is the hope but first and foremost, I need an intelligent woman who has a killer head on her shoulders – and not just a killer rack.

Although, the latter does help! Hey! I’m a guy after all!

Jokes aside though, thankfully times have changed and more women are becoming independent. I just need to meet these girls because a nice dinner at a small, quiet, dimly lit restaurant sounds incredible especially when combined with a couple glasses of wine and great conversation about a woman’s real, true, independent goals.

I know what you’re thinking – I’m probably some loser, loner who has never had a girlfriend and I sit on the computer all day. After all, that’s what kind of man you have to be in order to actually appreciate a woman’s value, right? Absolutely not.

I’m sure I’ve had my moments, but growing up on the best football teams, surrounded by males, I can confidently say that I am better than most of the men out there – and I’m certainly no loser. I’m a jock. You know, the kind of guy who could probably have any girl that I wanted.