date ideas for married couples

10 Great Tips and Date Ideas for Married Couples with Busy Schedules

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

It can be tough to figure out but here we have detailed easy to follow tips and date ideas for married couples to navigate your busy schedule.

Dating your spouse is usually one of those things that creep in slowly. When you first start dating you will go to great lengths to make time for one another, right? You cannot wait to see each other again and when you have to go a few days without seeing each other, it seems like months.

Then slowly the focus shifts and you get comfortable with one another as you get more secure in your relationship. Practical parts of life creep in, and then all the sudden you realize it’s been forever since you’ve had a ‘real date night’ with your significant other.

I can remember when I first started dating my (now) husband, he would be away for work for an entire week and get home after 8pm on a Friday night. Those weeks would seem to take forever.

He would be so exhausted (I could see it in the bags under his eyes); however, he would still pick me up and take me out to eat. We cherished this time together.

Seeing him was what I looked forward to most in my week. We would be so excited to see each other that we did not care how tired we were or what other events we were missing. We wanted to see each other so badly so we put our relationship first.

Years Later Things Have Changed…