Couples Counseling Exercises

6 Proven Couples Counseling Exercises That Will Save Your Relationship

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

Just mentioning couples counseling exercises has a way of tensing people up, so let’s try it another way—relax, take a deep breath, and think of it as a massage for your marriage.  After all, who doesn’t like a nice, soothing massage?

It feels good, it gives you time to relax and clear your mind, and most importantly of all, you don’t just leave a good massage feeling better and free of all the tension knotting up your neck, but you feel better than before.

It’s not just a repair job or tune-up, it’s an upgrade and sometimes, we all need that, in marriage and in life.

Even the best partners need some couples counseling exercises now and then, the same way everyone can always benefit from a spa day now and again, massage and all.

Here then are six couples counseling exercises to help soothe tensions and make married life between you and your partner a little more… flexible