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At Interconnected Lives, we understand the need to respect the intellectual property rights of users and want them to show the same courtesy in return. In accordance with copyrights laws and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, also known as DMCA, we have adopted several general policies for our own benefits, and also for the benefits of others.

Our company’s policy involves the immediate removal of users who tend to repeatedly violate copyrights laws and rules which have been laid down before them by the company. Users who chose to indulge in infringement on copyrighted work will face deletion of their accounts right away by the company and its management.

An appropriate agent has been assigned in order to take action of alleged infringement cases. The company responds to the cases that strictly comply with the copyrights laws as well as with DMCA. All other applicable laws will be taken notice of in such situations. For handling the copyright infringement claims, the assigned agent has been given the task and the contact information of the agent can be found at the bottom of the page, when the company copyrights policy ends.

Users who believe in good faith that their work has been used on the company website in a way which violates copyrights laws have been suggested to immediately send a legal notice of copyright infringement in accordance with the DMCA to the assigned agent. The notice must be inclusive of all the information mentioned below:

  1. Users must claim and identify the copyrighted work they believe has been infringed on the website of the company;
  2. The identification of the copyrighted work the users believe to be on the site must be inclusive of information such as, (i) a proper description regarding how the copyrighted material is being used in a way that makes it copyrights infringement, and (ii) a thorough description explaining where the copyrighted material is currently being used and located on the company’s website. The detail must be accurate for the purpose of the verification of the copyrighted material claimed to be constituted under infringement of copyrights.
  3. The compete contact information of the users, which must include their name, email address, telephone number as well as mailing address.
  4. A detailed statement stating that the copyrighted material is being used without the permission or complete authorization of the copyright owner and/or its agent and/or the law;
  5. A comprehensive statement made by the person who is the copyright owner and/or is acting on behalf of the copyright holder and has been given full permission to do so, under the penalty of perjury.
  6. Users have also been strictly prompted to provide physical and/or electronic signature of the individual authorized or permitted to act on the behalf of the copyright owner.

Adding more to all the information that has been mentioned above, the company seeks cooperation in the process of the provision of any resourceful material that would help in identifying the claim of the copyright owner regarding the copyrighted material, which has been infringed on the website; for instance, copy and/or copies of the copyright registration work and other such important documents.

After the notice has been sent by the copyrights owner, it will be duly reviewed by the company. In circumstances where all of the information comes properly under the applicable laws as well as the DMCA and when the company believes that the copyrighted material is infact being used in a way which makes it come under the copyrights infringement law, the company will immediately disable access and/or simply remove such content or material from the website.

In case the material or content sent by a user to the website has been instantly removed or simply disabled because of copyright infringement, then the users have been suggested to send a counter-notification to the assigned agent of the company with the information mentioned below:

  1. Complete description along with the identification of the material and/or content which was removed and a thorough description explaining exactly where the removed material was located before it was disabled from the company’s website due to its questionable background.
  2. A proper statement by the user who believes to have faced the issue made under the penalty of perjury that they have it under good authority and that the material was taken off of the website or blocked in a certain way as a mistake or due to misidentifying the content or the nature of the content.
  3. The contact information of the user is to be sent right away before making this claim as a counter-notification to the assigned agent. It must include the permanent mailing address, telephone number, email address as well as the full name of the user claiming to address the situation of deleted or blocked content at the company’s website.
  4. A detailed statement stating that the user fully consents to the jurisdiction of the Federal Court for the justice where their address is located and in the case of being outside of the United States of America, consenting to the judicial district where the company is located at the moment and that the user will also accept the service of process from the individual who has given them the important notification of the infringement they are alleging the company with.
  5. Users must also, by any means possible, provide their physical or electronic signature for showing authority and to move on with the process.

After the counter-notification has been received by the company, it is going to thoroughly review it in hopes of achieving a plausible conclusion and will take actions that seem to be appropriate for the situation and the claim.

The proper contact information of the company’s DMCA Assigned Agent has been mentioned below. Users wanting to send a counter-notification may also go on to email the assigned agent on the email address that has been stated at the bottom of the copyrights infringement policy. Users must note that claims, counter-notifications and all other relevant and important information sent by email will receive the most prompt attention and replies.

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