Compliments for Guys

What Men Want to Hear – Compliments for Guys That Always Work

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#1: I Believe In You

Something that can be said about what men like to hear is the fact that they’re not gendered ‘male.’  If you’re a guy reading this, and you want to bring a smile to the face of your partner, these should do just as well for you as they would for her were she to use them.

As such, there is no finer compliment for guys than a simple ‘I believe in you.’  This may seem simple enough, and in many ways it is, but that’s really part of its appeal.  The world is racked with uncertainty, especially if you’re in that sweet spot demographic of 18-35.

It’s easy to feel pressured—economically, emotionally and otherwise—or just feel unsure of yourself.  As such, sometimes it’s nice to hear just a simple statement of reassurance, a good old-fashioned ‘I believe in you’—and it’s even BETTER to hear it from the person you love the most.  We all have dreams, and in such economically-troubled times as these, daring to dream can feel foolish, even scary.

Jim Henson was, above all else, one of the great dreamers of his time, and when he passed away, the song ‘One Person’ his Muppet creations—and their puppeteers, who had worked under and learned from Henson for years or, in some cases, decades—sang the song ‘One Person’ for both his funeral service and a TV special commemorating his lifetime.

The song’s message is all about how one person believing in you can quickly become two, three, four, more and, until ‘maybe even you can be believe in you, too.’

Forget what men want to hear—as with all things Jim Henson, that’s just a great tribute to the human spirit in general and his in particular.

Likewise, a simple ‘I believe in you’ can be a great way to make ANYONE feel better about themselves, helping them to dream a little harder and a little happier.