Coming Out As A Lesbian

9 Great Tips To Make Coming Out As A Lesbian Transition Easier

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#6: Flock To Like-Minded Women

One of the easiest ways to make the transition after coming out as a lesbian is to flock to like-minded women. Find out where the best lesbian-friendly bars and clubs are in your city. Then go to them frequently and become a part of the community.

Another great way to meet women with your values is through the lesbian dating app, Wing Ma’am. The Wing Ma’am app has an events feature that is great for meeting like-minded women.

#7: Explore Your Sexuality

When you first come out as a lesbian is one of the best times to embrace your sexuality. You may have years of pent up sexual frustrations. You may want to be a player. This is perfectly fine.

Explore your sexuality. Turn other girls on. Embrace the new you. Just be honest and safe with each and every one of your partners about what you are doing. If you want to have some fun, do it!

#8: Find The Right Time For A Relationship

Do not jump into a relationship with the first woman you become intimate with. Before you develop a relationship with another woman, you need to know who you are outside of a relationship.Coming Out As A Lesbian 2 coming out as a lesbian 9 Great Tips To Make Coming Out As A Lesbian Transition Easier Coming Out As A Lesbian 2

Find out if you are attracted to women who are more masculine or more feminine then you. Once you know what attracts you, you will be able to find a relationship that brings you great joy.

#9: Be Friends With Your Ex

Lastly, the lesbian community is a tight bond group.

And due to sheers size, we have to stick together. Thus, it’s not uncommon to stay friends with your ex.

You often see ex’s socializing at bars with their new partners. Some girls even play matchmaker for their ex on occasion.

Don’t let this get you jealous. Understand that being friends with an ex is what you signed up for.

Do you have any other tips to make coming out as a lesbian transition easier? Any story to share? You may help somebody that is in this situation right now!