Choosing the Right Wine

Choosing the Right Wine for a Fine Romantic Evening Out or At Home

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#3: What About the Other Factors?  What Kind of Evening Do You Have Planned?

For example, if you are planning  a nice night in a café under the stars, , you may well want to go the Hemingway route and order yourself a robust red.

By contrast, if you are dressing up and going to a five-star French restaurant, then you may very well want to give more consideration towards giving a classy and delicate white wine a go.

Finally, there is the matter of personality. Choosing the right wine is very much like selecting a good romantic match—choose style over substance and you will be in for heartburn and a sick morning after for sure.

A good wine will absolutely exude personality, as will a good match.  Know thyself and know thy partner.

Is he or she more of an adventurous, passionate and talkative individual?  Then going with a red wine might be a good move.  By contrast, if your date is more subtle or subdued…well, those are the hallmarks of a fine, delicate white wine, and so that might be more up their alley.  However, it is important to note that the reverse could always be true.

Sometimes opposites attract after all, and sometimes a quieter individual might really appreciate a change of pace, and therefore be really intrigued by a potent and powerful pinot noir, whereas that normally more talkative, excitable person might have a soft spot for champagne or other sparkling white wines.

In short, when debating whether to pick a white wine or a red wine to set the mood, you first need to know what kind of mood you want to set, and most importantly, what kind of person you are looking to share that mood and moment with.